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The Company

EasyChelators was founded in 2016 by a group of academic researchers from the University of Bretagne Occidentale (UMR CNRS 6521, Brest, France) and the University Hospital of Nantes (INSERM CRCINA U892, Nantes-France) working in the field of radiopharmaceuticals. The company was built on innovative chemical technologies, and with over 30 years of expertise and research in oncology, radiopharmacology, chelating agents designing and metals chelation chemistry for medical applications.

The Mission

The mission of EasyChelators is to support researchers in the field of nuclear medicine by offering them innovative molecules and by providing them with advices on technical and logistic support at different stages of their radiopharmaceutical development from chelating agents designing to early stage clinical studies.

The Team

photo of Jean-Marc Joumier
Jean-Marc Joumier
PhD – Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Jean-Marc Joumier earned a Master degree in Biochemistry and a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Rennes in France where he founded the association for PhD student in sciences. He joined Waters France in 1992 as Account Manager and received 3 awards for outstanding achievements. 7 years later, he was recruited by AB Sciex as MS sales representative and became rapidly promoted Sales Manager. In 2004 he was hired by Micromass as Sales Manager in France a few month before the merge with Waters where he joined rapidly Waters European Headquarters Marketing team and was promoted Business Development Manager. In this position, he successively took the responsibility for various instruments and application markets for over 10 years.
photo of Raphael Tripier
Raphaël Tripier
PhD – Scientific Director – Member of the Strategic Committee – Cofounder
Prof. Raphaël Tripier studied chemistry at the University of Burgundy. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2000 and he was appointed as a CNRS Researcher at the University of Bretagne Occidentale in 2001. In 2011, he was promoted as Full Professor at the University of Brest and as the head of the research group “Nitrogen Chelates, Health and Materials”. Prof. Tripier’s research interests comprise the organic synthesis of azamacrocycles and the application of such ligands in coordination chemistry especially for diagnostic and therapeutic uses. He has developed an expertise in the development of organic tools to synthetize and functionalize azamacrocyclic platforms to lead to specific ligands with high added value. His skills also include the evaluation of such chelators abilities for cations and anions complexation by thermodynamic, kinetic and structural studies.
photo of Jean-François Gestin
Jean-François Gestin
PhD – Member of the Scientific and the Strategic Committee – Cofounder
Dr. Gestin is a Director of Research at INSERM Institute of Nantes and the head of the Chemistry and Radiochemistry Department. Dr. Gestin obtained his PhD in Chemistry in 1989 after one year at CIS BIO International and two years at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton NY. He joined INSERM Institute in 1990 in order to create and lead the Bioconjugate Chemistry research team under the leadership of Pr. Jean-François Chatal. Dr. Gestin is also involved in the creation and the development of a company (Chelatec) and consortiums (ISOTOP4LIFE and La Fabrique) working in the field of radiopharmaceuticals.
photo of Aain Faivre Chauvet
Alain Faivre Chauvet
PhD – Member of the Scientific Committee – Cofounder
Prof. Chauvet is a University Biophysics Professor and the head of the Radiopharmacy department of Nantes University Hospital. After graduating from the Faculty of Pharmacy Paris V, Prof. Faivre Chauvet joined in 1990, an INSERM institute research group in Nantes specialized in the development of innovative radiopharmaceuticals using a broad range of radioisotopes for nuclear medicine applications. He is also the head of the Radiopharmaceutical group of the French Society of Nuclear Medicine (SFMN) since 2014 and member of the Radiopharmacy comity of the European Society of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) since 2009.
photo of Françoise Kraeber-Bodéré
Françoise Kraeber-Bodéré
MD-PhD – Member of the Scientific Committee – Cofounder
Prof. Kraeber-Bodéré is the head of the Nuclear Medicine Department of the University Hospital of Nantes and ICO-Gauducheau and co-leader of the Nuclear Oncology Research team of the Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Nantes-Angers (CRCNA). She is particularly involved in the design of multicenter translational clinical trials assessing innovative radiopharmaceuticals in oncology. Her outstanding work was awarded in 2009 with the “Victoires de la médecine” in Oncology. Prof Kraeber-Bodéré is also an expert for the oncology committee of the French Society of Nuclear Medicine (SFMN) and for the therapy committee of the European Society of Nuclear Medicine (EANM). She is on the scientific board of the French Lymphoma Group (Goelams) and an expert for PET and lymphoma for HAS and INCa.
photo of Zakaria Halime
Zakaria Halime
PhD – Member of the Scientific Committee – Cofounder
Dr. Halime obtained his PhD in Chemistry (related to nuclear medicine) from the University of Rennes 1 in 2006. After several Post-doc experiences at ICOA (France), Johns Hopkins University (USA) and Osaka University (Japan), as well as private sector experiences at GENFIT Company and Wells Fargo Company, he joined the research group of Prof. Raphaël Tripier at the University of Brest in 2012 first as a Research Engineer, then as a Maturation Engineer at SATT Ouest Valorisation in charge of research and development projects related to radiopharmaceuticals and technology transfer for industrial applications. Dr. Halime is currently a senior researcher in coordination chemistry at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Paris.
Aurélia Roumesy
Radiopharmaceutical Development Manager
Aurélia Roumesy earned a postgraduate degree of Ingénieur Chimiste in organic chemistry from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie of Rennes, France, in 2012. Then she joined the nuclear oncology team at INSERM institute research group in Nantes and worked with Dr Jean-Francois Gestin. She synthesized new precursors for radiolabeling of innovative hypervalent iodinated (I-125) and astatinated (At-211) molecules and she compared the stability of these new radiolabeled bioconjugates with literature compounds. She joined EasyChelators in early 2018 as research scientist. She is in charge of radiopharmaceutical developments.

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